Religion above religions

“Life becomes religious whenever we make it so: when some new light is seen, when some deeper appreciation is felt, when some larger outlook is gained, when some nobler purpose is formed, when some task is well done.”

Sophia Lyon Fahs

Religion means the presence of a divine ray in every of us. Not he who affirms he is a believer if religious, but he who feels love, in every its form, for people surrounding him. Because pure love is never silent, it is fast spread abroad, so that a single religious person can become the firefly of a society, and the society – a cradle of full of understanding and essence life for every individual. This is a circuit that assures active harmony – the basis of a developed world.

It’s sorrowful that even in this sacred domain – religion, the principle Divide et impera is present and causes social disasters. People often focus to much on tiny differences between their beliefs and generate, thus, conflicts. In order to overcome this pertinent problem, each of us has to admit that people having different religion – Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists – are not better or worse, that the presence of soulfulness matters rather than the way people worship or call their God. In my country, Orthodoxies often ignore and despise the minority Baptist Church, but it took 10 days to me, that I have spent in a Baptist summer school to feel their hearts so close to mine, to understand that other people have just to become open-minded and to cease being afraid of getting closer.

Mircea Eliade , the famous Romanian writer and philosopher, is an example of acceptance and profound grasp of several religions. He has been baptized as an Orthodox, but during his life he has been Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and he proved thus that it’s nonsense to despise people having another religion as long as one can change his religion and still be the same person, with strong values. Moreover, by doing this, Mircea Eliade has enriched his own personality, has learned to build deep relationships and transmit precious information to other generations.

One needs to discover various moral-cultural systems for himself, in order not to perceive his religion as the unique one. This is a basic condition for those willing to organize properly their own lives, the relationships they build, and the lives of people around. Hence, this is a pillar of leadership and democracy. These being said, the Mahatma Gandhi’s well-known quotation is worth being recalled: “Those who say politics has nothing to do with religion do not know what religion means”.


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